“Blues for Schools” is a Music Scholarship and Sport/Academic fundraising program for High Schools across America. This fundraising business model was the brainchild and designed by renowned Producer, Recording/Mixing Engineer Bob Sloane. For the past 15 years Bob has received much national acclaim from his musical mixing/recording works, which focused on Blues Artists/Musicians from around the world. We all know the budget constraints placed upon High Schools across America and the burdens it places on the schools, the parents and most of all the student body. “Blues For Schools” is Bob’s new passion and musical undertaking to further support Blues Artists/Musicians from across the globe and to keep Alive/Fund the musical Interests/Endeavors of students and their parents.

If the High Schools in America have their musical/academic/sports programs Cut, than We All Face the Perils of those actions. In which we as a country cannot afford. Funding will be achieved through private/student body and public ticketed concerts, their concessions and merchandise sold at each registered participating High School across the United States. Monies raised from  “GoFundMe” will also help support the overall funding campaigns for each school, administration costs of “Blues For Schools” and the Blues Artists that perform for each concert.

The goal is to have a series of 5 concerts at each designated registered High School through out the school calendar year. The majority of those proceeds from those events will also help to fund the scholarship and academic/sport programs. Each High School administrative staff will determine which Academic/Sport program will receive the designated portion of the funds raised from the concert series. The schools Musical Dept. and Blues for Schools will determine the scholarship(s) recipient(s) for each participating/registered High School, from the remainder of those proceeds, along with other contributions. The scholarship goal for each participating school is $35,000.00 per calendar year.