Why we need Blues for Schools

  1. The death of music education in schools today  
  2. Students will be exposed to one of America’s basic music forms. 
  3. Students and the Community will learn the history of how blues was basic to the formation of jazz and rock n’ roll and most of the popular music of the past century. 
  4. To help keep the Blues alive!!

Much of today’s music has lost its soul due to the lack of exposure and education

  1. To enhance a musical education vehicle for most any musical instrument. 
  2. To help bond communities and their educational systems while working towards a common goal.
  3. To offer parents, students, administrative staff and others in the community a great night out in a safe environment. 
  4. To bring joy to life, communities together and to spur on a greater appreciation for other art forms. 
  5. To honor and remember the Great Blues Artists/Musicians they have done so much to shape and create today’s music of “Rock-N-Roll”
  6. Blues Musicians have always been the “Blood Sweat and Tears” of the Music Industry and Deserve so much more credit for All that they have done while falling short on many benefits that the Music Industry has to offer.
  7. In my high school profile it says, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” I still believe this wholeheartedly and want to offer and do all that I can to help keep this “Passion of Ours” alive!! Without Music, Life would not be nearly the same as we realize life today. Imagine Life with No Music…!!!
  8. To Keep Our Students/Your Child’s Dreams and Blues Alive!!